The love song continues:

Though Heart and Soul has closed down, we still love music, so below are some recommendations for local bands,musicians and DJs you should look out for and reminicences about my musical experiences and mis spent youth, past and present.

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Jochen Eisentraut: Liverpool Love Song


Before I start I would like to apologise in advance for the many errors, misconceptions, mishearing and misrepresentations which are bound to have accumulated in a piece such as this, written by a novice lay person. These are purely my own, highly subjective views, so please forgive me for any unintentional slight or offence. I only ever write about the music I love, so please take the time to read or even better, go listen.

I first heard the Jochen Eisentraut Trio at a Studio Two jazz night .On that occasion, the resident band kicked off the night with standards and classics, setting the musical standard very high but then came the unexpected, Jochen's trio, with Jochen on keyboard and vocals, supported by an extremely talented self taught, nineteen year old electric bass player, Ben and the most musical and subtle of drummers.

Leopard skin (fake, so no animals molested in its making) languishing on Jochen's keyboard, cocky hat on head, suggested deviation from jazz norm but nothing prepared for the storm brewing beneath Jochen's magical fingers as they hurtled towards his keyboard, putting me in mind of another favourite, Jacques Loussier, nor the indigo of his velvet voice.

This is jazz but not as I know it, dark, brooding, reflective, original, witty, fresh, describing seasons, nature, exploring feelings and considering why you "Can't put a Condom on your Heart" . A mixture of standards, jazz re workings and original compositions, which defy genre, all uniquely made their own, mesmerising to listen to. For me, this broke the mould of jazz and left me with fresh eyes, honoured to have heard such talent.

Keen to recreate the experience at home and intrigued to hear more, Jochen was persuaded to part with one of a handful of test copies of the trio's CD, "Chillax", its trite name being the only false note in my enjoyment. Despite my lack of jazz knowledge, total ignorance of Welsh language and inexplicable aversion to the name, "Chillax" has become a surprising favourite, especially when contemplating life or the wonders of nature, so I write a few uninformed and purely personal words below:


Fory (Tomorrow): Instrumental

Laid back, sensual keyboard, laconically picks out a lilting tune over deep bass droplets, brushed drums and cymbals pick up a saunter as keyboard steps into the sunshine of another day, waking, tripping along, leaving worries till tomorrow to enjoy this moment lightly, careless and joyful, as day fades to lazy repose, night falling until tomorrow awakes.

Nos (Night): Instrumental

Keyboard grumble, spiked with points of light bring stars glinting to life, one by one twinkling in velvet night sky, moonlight's watery glow ruffled by hint of cosmic breeze, spilling swirling mists of star dust, sparkling ,glittering, scattered debris of evolving life sprinkled through the vast coldness of space where keyboard wonderingly wanders, to the edge of nothingness whilst double bass restrained by gravity's hold , traces the predetermined path of heavy planets, brewing elements, thrown out and caught in endless spiral dance , percussion quietly, precisely ticking out time, its relentless steps never faltering , as keyboard returns weary from wandering to the warmth of huddled life on planet earth .

Ruby: Instrumental

A jazzy interpretation of the Kaiser Chiefs song, Ruby .Sad, reflective keyboard introduces us to a gentle wistful Ruby who rapidly and dramatically springs into life, drums, keyboard and bass hammering heavy sensible steps in a simple working of the theme which mellows into a more lyrical Ruby, revealing inner depth simmering below a stoic surface, bittersweet melody bursting its confines to release well disguised sorrow ,quiet reflection building to hidden passion before returning reluctantly to the sensible tread of day to day.

Ymlaen Mae Canaan (Onward to Canaan): Instrumental with Welsh vocal

My wayward memory begs your forgiveness if I am mistaken in this recollection but I think this is a tribute to the Welsh singer and songwriter Steve Eaves ,who wrote the song, included on his album Moelyci, thought to be inspired by his sadly departed wife, Moelyci being the Welsh mountain which they used to contemplate together from their doorstep. Though I do not understand Welsh, the music of love and devotion requires no interpretation, woven into its fabric.

Gentle reflective keyboard introduces a beautiful breathless tune, deep liquid bass, drums and cymbals sparingly mark , relive steps on this journey narrated by Jochen's wistful, half spoken vocal, taking a detour to dance awhile in jazzy interlude before returning to wandering amongst the hills, treading its thoughtful path through memory's landscape.

You can't put a condom on your heart: Instrumental with English vocal

Cheeky bass saunters in, joined by equally jaunty keyboard skipping a beat, before Jochen pours his honeyed tones into the mix with;
"You can meet somebody charming..... you can look into their eyes can think they are really smart ....doesn't have to be a lie...but you can't put a condom on your can tell them it's not serious ...there's no strings.... but when it's time to part.... you can find you're not delirious ...."
Before dipping deep into woe at human frailty, our weakness and strength, though oft spiked with regret as we dive in again and again despite ourselves, to be floored by emotion; "....might think you are immune...but you can't put a condom on your heart..."

Rain Rain Rain: Instrumental

Keyboard's first heavy droplets bounce off the ground, cymbal shiver sprays a shower drift, gathering grey into silver jewelled sheets, tears joined by meniscus of sadness to form weeping pools while vibrating bass strings conjure, weave warring elements into cymbal thunder, lightning storm ,fiery flash spent to weary splash, to steady drip to cold sadness to silence.

Awakening: Instrumental

Gently awakened by two lone lingering wondering notes, stuttered ponderings build disjointed sentences , develop fluidity, growing, awakening to realisation, build layers of consciousness revealed , explored before returning to brood , ponder , unravel, , exploring, evolving the language of simplicity , of complexity , working round the theme building before retreating in awe as understanding grows, awakening to truth in shimmers of cymbal burst and unrestrained joyful arpeggio.

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