The love song continues:

Though Heart and Soul has closed down, we still love music, so below are some recommendations for local bands,musicians and DJs you should look out for and reminicences about my musical experiences and mis spent youth, past and present.

Lots of love,

Chumki xx


Musical Love Song November 2011


Why music is my heartbeat, musical talk, reviews and inspirational musicians, a few bits and pieces I have recently written for your pleasure and mine, if you please:


New Singles and EPs for my club at the end of the universe:

'Star ship trouper, siren songs in space'

The last few months have seen me drenched in a shower of music and I was glad that I misplaced my umbrella, so much talent out there, I am soaked in emotion and humbled. You can read about my explorations and some of the music that inspired and caught my imagination, in my November review of singles and EPs for Mudkiss Fanzine:


Liverpool duo, TJ and Murphy, interrogated:

'Down to their underpants, stripped bare without a fig leaf'

Since being unexpectedly struck by lightning bolt of pent up musical passion which is Thomas Joseph, I have followed cautiously in the footsteps of this musical duo, Thomas and his Pegasus, Dave, inextricably entwined like thunder and lightning. Their first album, 'Weary Nights', brooded like a dark, stormy sky in turbulent interior universe while 'Hurricanes' blew away clouds, washed their world clean and so, despite ever present danger of explosive ignition, I grabbed proffered chance to interview the pair, at Leaf Liverpool, where their responsive repasts to my irreverent, impertinent interrogation caused scales to fall from my eyes, in admiration of their musical talent and choice of underwear.

The edited version, for Mudkiss is here:

For hard core chat, the full version is on my Heart and Soul blog here:


Benjamin Francis Leftwich's reputation is gathering apace, so when he played Liverpool Mojo during Music Week, I went to listen:

'Frodo feeling on a Tuesday night'

Mojo Frodo magic, Music Week Memento Mori, Benjamin Francis Leftwich and his beguiling, unassuming expression of a musical passion, reminds me that life has no starting gun, no matter how fast you run it fleets, so like this young man, take courage in both hands and sing about what you believe. As well as that timely reminder, Benjamin's recent Liverpool gig led me to further revelations, Liverpool's Dan Croll, The Strawhouses, Fallen Leaf and Laura James. You may, if so inclined, read about it here:

Again, I couldn't resist an interview, which illuminated Benjamin's exceptional clarity of purpose and disarmingly unassuming charm:


Probe Plus night at View Two gallery:

'Up the wooden steps to aural ecstasy, whisper to rumbling grumble: more than a poke, a Probe Plus'

2011 sees the 30th anniversary of the estimably eccentric, independent Liverpool record label Probe Plus which is much more than the crumbs of its Half Biscuit, baked to hard, but surprisingly tasty, perfection by Geoff Davis. Like Blumenthal, Geoff's exquisite taste streaks past eclectic into visionary combinations of unexpected flavours , some acquired but always inspirational.

In indefatigable exuberance, the label celebrates everlasting youth by releasing a rash of new records .Already spawned is 'Whistle and I'll come to you, my lad', by the uniquely fabulous Lovecraft (read my review 'Gaga's alien love monster from another dimension ate my brain and spat it out' at: ), '90 Bisodol (Crimond)', released by Half Man Half Biscuit to unprecedented acclaim and 'JD Meatyard' by JD Meatyard.

In gestation is Sonnenberg's second album, which I await in anguished anticipation, having fallen in love with 'Fishing in the Pool', their first, an extraordinary outpouring of emotion from front man Gerd, captivating me on first listen ( If you fancy, read my review at:

So, I was drawn like a moth to the flame of View Two for a Probe Plus night in September, featuring, JD Meatyard, Noel Burke and Sonnenberg, which you too can indulge in, if you choose, by reading here:

So there you are, a few recent musical moments from my life, for which I give many thanks.

Lots of love,
Chumki xx